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Wire saws are an innovative tool used by Concor of Greenville for cutting through a variety of materials, including concrete

A wire saw is a versatile and efficient tool that is ideal for cutting through concrete. It is a type of diamond cutting tool that uses a wire with diamond segments to cut through concrete. The wire saw is composed of a series of diamond beads that are attached to a cable or wire. The wire is then threaded through a series of pulleys or wheels, and then tightened to create tension on the wire.

Wire Sawing Benefits

One of the primary benefits of using wire saws for concrete cutting is that they are incredibly versatile. Wire saws can cut through concrete of varying thicknesses, and they can be used to cut through concrete in complex shapes and angles. This makes wire saws an ideal tool for cutting through concrete structures, such as bridges, dams, and tunnels.


Other significant advantage of using wire saws for concrete cutting is that they create a minimal amount of dust and debris. This is because the wire saw uses water to cool the diamond segments as they cut through the concrete. This not only reduces the amount of dust created but also helps to prevent overheating of the saw, which can lead to damage.

Wire saws are also ideal for cutting through reinforced concrete, which is concrete that has been reinforced with steel or other materials. This is because the diamond wire can cut through the concrete and the reinforcing materials with ease, without damaging the wire or the saw.

If you’re looking for a reliable wire saw concrete cutter, it’s important to choose Concor of Greenville NC, ¬†with the experience, expertise to get the job done right.

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