Concor was founded in 1988 in Greenville, North Carolina. At its inception, Concor had its primary focus in commercial work, which included saw cutting, core drilling, wire sawing, and wall sawing. Through the past thirty years of business, we have not only perfected the art of these services, but we have also expanded into the industrial side of the business; doing work on bridges, paper mills, and steel mills. Through our growth, we have remained on the cutting edge of both the tools and processes required to be the best in our field.

As a company, we have developed long lasting and strong relationships with our clients that build the core of our values. As innovators, we have had creative collaborations with our manufacturing partners to develop systems that are not only more efficient, but also safer and smarter than those of our competitors. As workers, we will get in, get out, and get the job done.

Today, our span stretches over the entirety of the east coast, and extends as far west as Arizona. What started out as saw cutting and demolition, has grown to include rebuilding, excavation, foundation work, anchor and grouting work, and everything in between. Through the years, Concor has grown and developed a reputation that matches our commitment to our customers.

We are innovators. We are efficient. We are Concor.